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Realm of Darkness

The Borg Collective: History

This text contains SPOILERS, including
much of the plot of Star Trek: First Contact.

Little is known about the Borg prior to the first encounter in 2365 by the USS Enterprise

A Borg
, (except for several colonies which were destroyed in 2364 along the Federation / Romulan Neutral Zone, their destruction later being attributed to the Borg). It is a fact that their home was originally in the Delta Quadrant, but they roam the galaxy looking for new technology to assimilate into their collective. Their ability to adapt instantly to counter any new threat makes them probably the greatest threat to the Federation ever. It is important to note that the Federation would not have encountered the Borg quite so soon had the being known as 'Q' not brought both species together by throwing the Enterprise light years off course to System J-25. The Enterprise was only saved from destruction by the intervention of 'Q' who sent them back to the Alpha Quadrant. At this point, Starfleet began planning for the expected invasion of the Federation, now that the Borg were aware of our existence.

The Borg are an immensely powerful race of enhanced humanoids, who implant themselves with cybernetic devices which give them great technological and combat advantages over simple 'biological' humanoids. It is known that the Borg are born as totally biological beings, but have their first implants inserted shortly after birth and are then 'updated' as they grow to finally take their designated place in the Collective.

A Borg Shield.
In the Collective, different Borg are equipped with different hardware for specific tasks, and are tied into a sophisticated subspace network. This links each Borg with all of the other Borg, forming in effect One mind - The Collective. Due to this combined intelligence and adaptability, most succesfull weapons against the Borg only work once - they quickly adapt and generate an effective counter. This is evident with the Phaser - one Borg can be killed, but after that all the other Borg can generate a shield to totally nullify this weapon. The crew of the Enterprise partially got around this by designing a chip to fit in the hand phasers which randomly changed the phaser frequency after every shot. This stopped the Borg from being able to adapt. Larger versions were installed in the ships phasers also.

New Providence
The Borg finally invaded the Federation in 2366, when the USS Enterprise (again) encountered a Borg ship entering Federation space, on route to the Terran Starsystem. The Enterprise had been investigating the disappearance of the New Providence colony on Jouret IV.
Locutus of Borg.
The Federation, true to form, was not prepared for an invasion. The Borg captured captain Jean-Luc Picard from the Enterprise with the intention of using a human voice to co-ordinate their assimilation of the Federation. They then however altered Picard by inserting bio-mechanical implants, in effect making Picard himself a Borg - Locutus of Borg. All of Picard's Knowledge then was available to the Borg, who easily defeated any of the Enterprise plans to destroy them. Locutus then led the Borg to destroy 39 ships of the 40 which Starfleet had emassed at Wolf 359. Eventually, the crew of the Enterprise managed rescue Picard/Locutus from the Borg ship. Data then used the Borg subspace link with Locutus to implant a 'sleep' command into the Collective. This then caused the Borg ship to self destruct, and Picard was released from the Collective. Dr Crusher was then able to remove the Borg implants and Picard was human again.

The next time the Federation encountered the Borg was when a crashed Borg scoutship was
discovered on a moon in the Argolis Cluster by the Enterprise. A single survivor, whose Borg designation was 'Third of Five' was rescued. The Enterprise crew nursed this Borg back to health, and gave him a name : 'Hugh'. The crew developed a 'virus' which they could introduce into the Borg Collective Consciousness, through Hugh, and was designed to cause a fatal overload, hence destroying all the Borg at once. However, the crew then realized that Hugh was becoming more 'self' aware and hence this weapon was effectively murder. Hugh was returned to the crash site and later picked up by another Borg scout ship. Incidentally, Picard was later given a severe reprimand by Starfleet for allowing the Borg to leave without attempting to use it to destroy the Collective.

The decision Picard made to return Hugh to the Collective had a profound effect on the Borg.
Lore and the Borg
Hugh's new-found sense of individuality began to be transferred throughout the ship he was on - deprived of their group identity, individual Borg were unable to function as a unit. All were confused and some even starved to death as a result. They were unable to navigate or indeed perform any function properly. This was changed with the arrival of the android Lore, brother of Starfleet android commander Data. Lore appointed himself leader of these Borg, and promised that he would help them towards their goal - to become totally artificial life-forms free from any dependance on biological or organic bodies.

In 2369 Lore led the Borg on a new offensive against the Federation. Using Transwarp conduits they were able to travel many times faster than the top speed of Starfleet's best ships. They first attacked a Federation outpost on Ohniaka III, killing all life forms present, and then managed to enlist the help of Commander Data himself who vowed to help his brother Lore. Lore however was controlling Data (and the Borg) by re-transmitting some of the emotions from his emotion-chip to Data and by-passing his programming. The Enterprise crew one again managed to save the day by destroying the Borg ship, and enlisting the help of Hugh and some renegade Borg to thwart Lore's plans. Data then dismantled Lore, and took the emotion chip so that he would some day be able to use it himself. The surviving Borg rallied under Hugh and are attempting to make a new life, as individuals.

The Latest Borg invasion was the greatest threat so-far. Only the intervention of the Enterprise (The newest ship to carry that name - 'E') managed to stop the Assimilation of the entire planet Earth. The Borg attacked the Terran Sector again, and their cube was destroyed just short of the Earth by a combined attack by the Enterprise and the few surviving Starfleet ships (the Defiant barely survived).
Borg Sphere.
However, a Borg escape craft (spherical in design) survived and headed to Earth, chased by the Enterprise. The Borg vessel managed to escape back in time, at which point the entire Earth changed and became full of Borg! Realizing that the Borg had altered the past, Picard and crew followed them back in an attempt to fix the damage.
The Borg Queen.
When they arrived in the late 21st century, Picard realized that the Borg were attempting to disrupt the attempt by Zephran Cochrane to travel faster than light - this would mean that the Vulcans would never contact Earth, and the Borg were free to assimilate at their leisure. The Enterprise destroyed the Borg Sphere, but not before Borg drones infiltrated the Enterprise, bringing with them their Queen - the force behind the Collective. As we know, Picard and crew (the few that survived, that is) managed to destroy all the borg, help Cochrane break the light barrier and generally save the Universe one more time. The price was high however - many of the crew were assimilated (and later killed by the survivors or when Data released the Warp-coolant), the Enterprise was almost transformed info a Borg ship, and a great many of promising starfleet officers had their careers cut short. Starfleet had just about come back up to strength after the massacre at Wolf 359, and now they have to start again from scratch - but the Borg are Finished.

This time.

More current information on the Borg's activities will be available from this terminal once the data has been de-classified.

[End of Data Access...]

This text 'Borg History' is © Grant N Ramsay.
The Borg and all things Star Trek are © Paramount.

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