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Realm of Darkness

Cylon characters

Count Baltar (John Colicos): Baltar was a rich war profiteer and a Council member who was "selected" by the Cylons to "negotiate" a "peace treaty" with the Colonies. In return for a dominion of his own (his colony was to be spared), he betrayed the Colonies. Of course the Cylons do not honor this and they bomb all Twelve Colonies. Baltar was to be executed by Imperious Leader, but was spared because Lucifer convinced the Imperious Leader that it would be best to set a human to catch other humans. He attempted to change sides again in "Lost Planet of the Gods" but he failed because Adama wasn't about to put up with his felgercarb; when the Cylons bombed the ruins, Adama left Baltar to die but Lucifer felt sorry for him(?) and rescued him.

Baltar was captured by the Colonials in "War of the Gods" when he rendezvoused with the Galactica under a universal signal of truce, because he was concerned about the strange lights which buzzed his base star. He was sentenced to life aboard the Prison Barge. He assisted the Borellian Nomen and the Eastern Alliance contingent to escape to Lunar Seven in "Baltar's Escape" but was recaptured when Doctor Wilker attempted to reprogram his two Cylon pilots, who ended up smashing the control panels of his fighter.

Adama made a deal with Baltar to set him free in exchange for his help in defeating a base star in "The Hand of God." Adama honored the bargain; he was put on an uninhabited delta-class planet suitable for human life.

Vulpa ("The Gun on Ice Planet Zero"): An executive officer/command centurion, he was banished to the planet Arcta by Imperious Leader when he suggested that the Cylons abandon pursuit of the Galactica, reasoning that Cylon resources could be used elsewhere to solve the Empire's problems (and there were many). Was killed when the pulsar gun was destroyed by the Colonials.

Spectre ("The Young Lords"): An earlier IL-series Cylon who was sneakier than Lucifer. A cybernetics expert, he reconstructs the shells of Cylons who died of disease on Antila, converting them into his own private army. Spectre is also a bureaucratic master at requisitioning fuel, food and weaponry for a garrison that doesn't need them. He LIES to his superiors! Spectre's voice also supplied by Jonathan Harris.


Lucifer (In body: Felix Silla; In voice: Jonathan Harris): A top-of-the-line IL-series Cylon. Because of his objective analysis, Lucifer could see the errors of Baltar's plans but Baltar never listened to him. Lucifer also displays a great distrust of earlier IL-series models (and toward Spectre in particular). In the post-series novels, he was captured by the Colonials, Starbuck renews his acquaintance, and he defects to the human cause.

Imperious Leader (In body: Dick Durock. In voice: Patrick Macnee): the only three-brain Cylon. Also the only Cylon with an original (reptilian) body. Imperious Leader possesses access to all known Cylon information nets.

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