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Realm of Darkness

What are the Cylons?

On Carillon in the premiere, Apollo explained the Cylons to Boxey:

They're not like us. They're machines created by living creatures a long, long time ago... a race of reptiles called Cylons. After a while the Cylons discovered humans were the most practical form of creature in this system. So they copied our bodies, but they built them bigger and stronger than we are. And they can exchange parts so they can live forever... There are no more real Cylons. They died off thousands of yahrens ago, leaving behind a race of super-machines, but we still call them Cylons.

A dialogue between Count Iblis and the imprisoned Baltar in "War of the Gods" suggests a more sinister theory behind the original Cylons demise, that the biological Cylons made a pact with Count Iblis (the Devil.)

Baltar: I know you. I remember that voice... the voice of the Cylon Imperious Leader.
Iblis: The Cylon is a machine.
Baltar: Now. But once they were a race of beings who allowed themselves to be overcome by their own technology.
Iblis: When did this happen?
Baltar: A thousand yahrens ago, at the onset of the thousand yahren war with the humans.
Iblis: And for my voice to be the voice of Imperious Leader, it would have to be transcribed to machine leader a thousand yahrens ago. I'd have to be a thousand yahrens old.

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According to "Armageddon" the Cylons were genetically altered with human DNA. The modern Cylons are in fact a race of genetically-enhanced, humanoid reptilian cyborgs. Here's the story as told by Baltar to Apollo and Starbuck:

Obviously, this happened millennia ago, and so the story may be subject to the pitfalls of all ancient history. Perhaps it's nothing more than a legend.

As I was saying, many millennia ago, an outsider visited the planet Cylon, which at that time was home to a rather truculent, warlike race of sentient reptilian creatures. These were the true Cylons. I've never seen one, but I'm told they still exist on the Cylon homeworld.

This outsider was filled with anger and savagery that the Cylons admired. He also introduced to them technology, which kept them in his debt, and in fear of him, for decades. During that time, he experimented with them, promising to make them the fiercest, most perfect warriors the universe had ever seen. He vowed that the Cylons would become conquerors, and because of that promise, they allowed him to do whatever he pleased.

There were, according to the history, or the myth if you prefer, many generations of Cylons before those we are currently familiar with came into being. But, over time, the Cylon race was artificially evolved into a bipedal form to make better use of the technology this outsider had introduced to them. Human DNA was used for this purpose.

But this outsider hated all of humanity. It was his goal that the Cylons should have, as their primary edict, the extermination of humankind. He hated all human instincts and tried to breed those aspects out of his Cylons mutants. He began a cloning process from pure genetic material that made Cylon females unnecessary and, as such, they died out. And he introduced the cybernetic implants that are now part of every Cylon Centurion. Eventually, the Cylons could feel no emotions... with the exception of hate.

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